Use of sustainable charcoal in Tanzania stressed

Use of sustainable charcoal Tanzania

The government, through the Vice Presidents Office (Union Affairs and Environment have been called upon to educate the public on the importance of reducing or stopping the use of charcoal and firewood to conserve the environment.

It has also been adviced to educate the people to use sustainable charcoal instead, Finance and Administrative Manager of Tractors Limited, Shabani Mbwana, told a local newspaper in Dar es Salaam in an exclusive interview last week that Tractors Limited deals with the production and sale of sustainable charcoal.

“The government should educate the public on the importance of using sustainable charcoal instead of using charcoal and firewood for cooking, which means cutting down trees, hence destroying the environment in the process. This will help to conserve the environment,” Mbwana pointed out.

“We also request the government to reduce taxes on sustainable charcoal to enable leaders to reduce the price, hence relieving customers. Value Added Tax (VAT) on sustainable charcoal should be waived to make it affordable to the customers,” said Mbwana.

He further pointed that the major challenge facing Tractors Limited was access to the markets.

“We need to be aggressive and embark on a campaign of educating the public on the public on the importance of using sustainable charcoal instead of using charcoal and firewood, which is forcing people to cut down trees and destroy the environment.

The senior Tractors Limited official said all stakeholders should support his firm in the campaign, further urging the government to make the issue a first priority for the sake of the enviroment.

Mbwana talked about the permit, noting that there were a number of permits one requires to carry out charcoal business.


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