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US Embassy congratulates Maxence Melo for the International Press Freedom Award

    US Embassy congratulates Maxence Melo
    Maxence Melo

    Last updated: July 25, 2019.

    The United States Embassy in Tanzania has congratulated Maxence Melo, for being named as a recipient of the committee for protecting journalists’ 2019 International Press Freedom Award.

    A statement from the U.S Embassy in Dar es Salaam said that despite facing numerous legal challenges, Maxence Melo and Jamii Forums had remained at the forefront advocating for freedom of expression and the press.

    “Maxence Melo’s recognition is a reminder of that heritage; a heritage which is threatened when incidents of abuse, harassment, and disappearances overshadow a tradition of media-driven social progress. The U.S. embassy in Tanzania urged the government to safeguard that heritage by promoting the safety of journalists and combating impunity for those who harm them”, read the statement in part.

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    Tanzania boasts a rich media history, dating back to Radio Tanzania Dar es Salaam’s role in the liberation of Africa, the fostering of African unity, and the promotion of peace and justice.

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