Total pledges more investments in Tanzania

Total pledges more investments in Tanzania
Total Tanzania Petrol station.

Total has promised to continue increasing its investment footprint in the country, providing the best services and superior products along with its recent strategic acquisition of Gapco Tanzania and besides investing multibillion dollars in the Tanzania-Uganda oil pipeline.

Speaking at a recent CEO’s Round Table meeting in Dar es Salaam, Total Vice President for East and Central Africa, Mr Jean Christian Bergeron, disclosed his company’s ambition in putting up more investments in the country.

This is beside the oil giant’s massive investment in the Uganda – Tanzania crude oil pipeline as well as a recent launch of Total Excellium, a new fuel product for petrol and diesel geared at reducing the greenhouse gas emission and improving energy efficiency.

“At Total, we believe that development can only be sustainable if it is shared. The total development model is based on making an active, positive contribution at the local level in line with the expectations of our stakeholders through shared developments,” said Bergeron.

Total aim to build constructive, sustainable developmental relationships with Tanzanians whose support is a key factor for the success of its businesses.

According to him, the energy industry is currently faced with a multitude of economic and social challenges, particularly high expectations from the society as a whole such that the oil giant has determined to provide tangible solutions to the challenges of local people.

He mentioned Total Excellium as just one of the by-products of Total commitment in the development of renewable energies as much a strategic choice as an industrial responsibility.

“Social and economic development lies at the heart of our community commitment and our industrial responsibility,” he acknowledged. “We are doing our part to diversify the global energy mix by investing in renewable, with a strategic focus on solar energy and bio-energies in future,” he explained.

According to the company’s Director of Corporate Affairs, Marsha Msuya, Total Excellium is a new high-tech fuel that cleans vehicle engines, providing lasting protection and ensuring better performance.

It also lowers fuel consumption and reduces polluting emission, which is available at the same price as regular petrol and diesel in all Total stations nationwide.

“Total Excellium is made by an unmatched set of high-quality fuels that cleans and provides lasting protection to engines, to ensure that they perform better, use less fuel and produce fewer polluting emissions,’’ he said, adding: ‘’It  is  compatible  with  all  existing vehicles, including cars, light utility vehicles, two-wheelers and trucks; the A clean engine uses less fuel, pollutes less and lasts longer”.

Nikesh Mehta, the Director of Network at the oil giant said Total Excellium’s formulation has been optimised with specific detergent additives to clean the engine’s vital components and keep them clean over time. The result is up to 89% less buildup for diesel engines and up to 93% less for petrol engines.

By eliminating deposits on fuel delivery systems, Total Excellium keeps engines performing at their optimum level over time. Altogether, these engine cleaning and protection technologies lead to reduced fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

On his part, Total Country Chair and Total Tanzania Managing Director, Tarik Moufaddal, emphasized that on the application of Total Excellium in Tanzania as his company’s dedication to a Total commitment to better energy.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality services and products across our nationwide network by delivering vital and tangible benefits,” he stressed.

The former Chairman of CEO’s RoundTable, Mr Ali Mufuruki, commended Total Tanzania for “doing a good job by not only provision of superior services but also as a climate-conscious company by producing eco and environmentally friendly products.”

Total Tanzania Limited is a petroleum marketing and service company, incorporated in Tanzania since 1969. Total Business focuses on the marketing, supply and service of petroleum products, HFO and Lubricants.

As part of its diversification Total Tanzania, Limited through the Total Access to Solar (TATS) project supports the distribution of solar lanterns to Tanzania community by introducing distribution of solar lanterns through the AWANGO brand.

Total is a global integrated energy producer and provider, a leading international oil and gas company, a major player in low-carbon energies.


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