TBS reaches entrepreneurs in Kahama

TBS reaches entrepreneurs in Kahama
Kahama District, Shinyanga Region.

Entrepreneurs have been advised on acquiring quality standard mark from the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) for their products to penetrate the wider regional and global markets.

The Public Relations Officer with the TBS Ms. Neema Mtemvu made the remarks after holding awareness creation seminar to small-scale entrepreneurs dealing with cereals, milk, and honey in Kahama District, Shinyanga Region.

“The seminar aims at empowering small-scale entrepreneurs to improve the quality of their products in order to expand business and contribution to the economy,” she said.

She advised entrepreneurs to use various opportunities provided by the TBS including the quality standard mark which is free as a way to enhance the products value to compete in the international markets.

She said entrepreneurs whose products acquired the quality standard marks were currently penetrating the East African and Southern Africa Development Community markets easily.

To make sure the education on the role played by TBS in raising the quality and value of entrepreneurs’ products reaches more entrepreneurs, Ms Mtemvu said the bureau will continue to provide public awareness in Kahama District and other parts of the country.

Ms Mtemvu called on the public to procure goods that bear the TBS mark in order to promote local goods and also as a way to remove from the market substandard goods.


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