Tanzanians advised to engage in domestic tourism

Domestic tourism
Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Tourism in Tanzania is not only about viewing game but also its friendly people and local products that reflect the true picture of African traditions and culture.

This was said recently by Joyce Mgaya, Public Relations Manager of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) in encouraging Tanzanians to promote domestic tourism by visiting their own attractions before attracting foreigners.

“For Tanzanians to entice other people to come and visit; they must have full knowledge to tell a story that will draw attention to their tourism products. Unless we discover ourselves, we will never tell the story of Tanzania to others. Know about your country first before others know it,” she stressed.

According to her, tourism in Tanzania was not only about viewing animals but also people and local products that reflect the true picture of African traditions and culture.

Ms. Mgaya noted that Tanzanians need to start composing and utilizing songs to promote Tanzania’s tourism industry, adding that the country had a big tourism potential that could generate foreign exchange for the people ‘’but for only those who are prepared to get it’’.

However, she asked the public to preserve nature by fighting whoever was destroying the environment.

The NCAA official pointed out that for hundreds of years, tourism has been a critical sector that has been contributing significantly to the economies of many countries.

The industry is referred to as an ‘invisible export’ and is significant in the economic and social development of any country.

Ms. Mgaya stated that apart from its capacity to create jobs, reduce poverty and foster human development and environmental sustainability, tourism benefited a country in a number of ways and brought immense opportunities for an all-inclusive growth.

The sector has, therefore, become one of the fastest growing service industries in the country and still has great potential for further expansion and diversification.

She explained that while the tourism industry was succeeding and while the perception of the country as a destination was improving worldwide, there was still a need to put in more effort, especially in promoting domestic tourism.

She added that the development of domestic tourism offered the opportunity to generate a more diverse and economically sustainable tourism industry.


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