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Tanzania sets up youth special economic zones

    Tanzania youth special economic zones +
    Deputy Minister in Prime Minister's Office (labor, Youth, and Employment), Mr. Antony Mavunde

    Last updated: July 25, 2019.

    The government of Tanzania has embarked on a nation wide programme to set up Youth Special Economic Zone which will enable young people to engage in agricultural activities to address runway unemployment.

    This was disclosed here yesterday by the Deputy Minister in Prime Minister’s Office (labor, Youth, and Employment), Mr. Antony Mavunde, who said the government had since acquired 250,000 acres of land for the programme across the country.

    “The Youth Special Economic Zone will enable the young people to set up greenhouses for horticulture to generate income,” Antony Mavunde said, addressing the opening session of a workshop on market linkages.

    The workshop which was organized by the Sokoine University Graduate Entrepreneurs Cooperative (SUDECO) under the auspices of International Trade Centre (ITC) brought together 32 participants out to home skills on agribusiness.

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    Mr. Antony Mavunde hailed SUGECO for various programmes aimed at imparting entrepreneurship skills and knowledge on agribusiness and to help address unemployment facing youngsters.

    According to SUGECO Executives Director, Mr. Revacatus Kimario, SUGECO has teamed up with ITCto carry out a Programme to support young people in agricultural activities and that at least 15 youths have set up greenhouses in Dodoma, Morogoro, Arusha, and Rufiji.

    ”The Programme beneficiaries have helped to inspire other young people to engage in agriculture activities,” Revacatus Kimario observed.

    On his part, ICT’s Senior Advisor responsible for Export Packaging Sector and Enterprises and Institutions, Mr. Frederic Couty, said ITC supports developing countries to design and implement trade strategies.

    ”This will facilitate the transformative change necessary for their Small and Medium Entrepreneurs to be more competitive internationally,” he said.

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    Mr. Frederic Couty pointed out the reason behind ITC’s cooperation with SUGECO was to improve the horticulture productivity and build capacity for the youth in Tanzania to manage market linkages for their produces.

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