Tanzania Government stresses on water protection

    Tanzania Government stresses on water protection
    Minister for Water and Irrigation Engineer Isaac Kamwelwe

    Last updated: April 14, 2019.

    Minister for Water and Irrigation Engineer Isaac Kamwelwe (pictured) has implored Tanzanians of all walks of life across the country to conserve the environment, including protecting water sources, a move which will help evert water crises.

    Speaking in Muhenza during his one-day official visit the minister said the governments across the world and their people had the duty to conserve the environment, a situation that includes protecting water sources.

    Minister Kamwelwe said the world was currently facing water shortages, a phenomenon that threatens the survival of biodiversity (Flora and Fauna).

    “Currently, the global faces water security. As we speak, South Africa and London are now experiencing water scarcity. This situation is threatening the survival of animals and plants.” he said.

    According to Engineer Kamwelwe, environmentalists and leaders had the duty to sensitize the public on the pressing need to conserve the environment and educate communities on the importance of protecting water resources.

    The minister mentioned human activities near water catchment areas as one of the factors that contributed towards the destruction of water sources.

    He further explained that his ministry has allocated a total of 27 million US dollars which will be provided to groups involved in the conservation of the environment and water sources to two regions. The money would be disbursed from July 1st this year.

    “Environmental conservation ensures sustainability and protection of water sources. Consequently, the government has set aside 27 million US dollars. This money will be disbursed to environmental conservationist and water sources in Morogoro and Tanga regions respectively,” he said.

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