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Suma JKT wing mulls youth engagement

    Suma JKT youth engagement
    SGL Director, Major Alfred Mwaijande

    Last updated: July 25, 2019.

    Employees at Suma JKT Guard Limited (SGL) have been urged to work diligently to realize the company’s objectives yo provide better serves to its clients with the aim to always win a positive image from the general public.

    SGL Director, Major Alfred Mwaijande, reiterated the need for high discipline upon receiving new officers, who have just completed basic and specialized National Service training at Ruvu 832 KJ, which qualifies them to actively participate in the field and administrative work.

    Major Mwaijande called SGL clients to ensure they make timely settlement of their bills as this would ensure more improved, timely and sustainable security service across the country.

    On his part, the Head of Operations at SGL, Captain Albert Masawe, noted the positive milestone the company has made during the more than eight years of its existence.

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    “We have been able to achieve the required security standards. We urge the general public to endorse our various social services such as fire and rescuing,” he stated.

    Noting that late settling of the company’s bills was an impending factor in fostering more far-reaching services. Captain Masawe said they were keen to pay within 30 days as decree recently by the President John Pombe Magufuli.

    By expanding social and security services, SGL employs a significant number of youth already trained under the National Service system.

    Last Friday, Mayor Mwaijande was quoted as promising fresh recruitment of 7,000 youth this year alone from the current number of around 5,500 trained youth as it aspires to invest extensively in security services to help improve livelihood and fight against unemployment.

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    SGL provides security services to a number of public and private companies.

    “We will operate in all demanded market segments to provide high-quality service with a customer-centric philosophy,” Major Mwaijande was quoted to have said, adding that their mission is to provide a high level of professional protection, riot control, security, safety, cleaning, and fumigation to the people, leaders and properties/ premises of Tanzanians.

    SGL actively promotes the sharing of ideas and information throughout the company and is receptive to new ideas from all quarters.

    It endeavors to fully disclose all pertinent information to clients and stakeholders in a transparent manner. SGL takes an active role, at corporate, departmental and personal levels, to support all its partners and stakeholders.

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    In an increasingly competitive market, there is need to aggressively market security services so as to be continuously at the top of the minds of the existing and prospective clientele.

    SGL segments the market according to define sectors, organization sizes, the sensitivity of required security services.

    According to Major Mwaijande, the firm has acquired valuable experience in the sector and the material capacity to render services to a diverse clientele.

    SGL has a liability insurance cover of up the TZS 400m  currently, which is adjustable in relation to the risks and per client requirements.

    The National Services Corporation Sole was established to facilitate the forces engage engagement in production on a commercial basis, covering various services including security, construction, engineering, manufacturing, fisheries, agriculture, livestock farming, trade, hotels, and tourism.

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