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NGO offers free medical screening to Zanzibar residents

    NGO offers free medical screening to Zanzibar residents

    Last updated: July 25, 2019.

    Dar es Salaam-based Charitable organization ‘JAMIIYA-TUL AKHLAAQ ISLAM’, says it plans to offer free medical screening and testing to the people here, its spokesperson has announced asking residents to turn-up in big number to know their health status.

    At a press conference also attended by the Zanzibar Minister for Health, Mr. Hamad Rashid Mohammed, the NGO’s Officer Mr. Yahya Ali Masao said the screening and testing, along with blood donation campaign would be held for two days starting on August 4, this year.

    He said about 50 medical staff including doctors, nurses, and laboratory scientists from Dar es Salaam and outside the country will check patients and those to found with health complications would be treated free of charge.

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    “We are here to help people. We thank the government for allowing the medical screening camp in Zanzibar,” he said.

    Mr. Masao said his organization has been operating in 16 regions in the country, mainly in the mainland proving also Humanitarian Aid and treatment mainly to the poor people in areas with inadequate services.

    “Both Communicable and non-communicable diseases will be screened and along with counseling,” he said.

    Minister Hamad Rashid Mohamed thanked the organization saying screening and testing is the best way to control the spread and complications that could arise from these diseases.

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