New cotton buying system to benefit farmers

New cotton buying system to benefit farmers
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Newly introduced seed cotton buying system through the Agricultural Marketing and Cooperative Societies (AMCOS) is expected to improve farmer’s economic opportunities by guaranteeing access to farm inputs.

Sengerema District Commissioner Emmanuel Kipore told reporters in Sengerema that the new buying system designates the primary societies as the central point in supporting farmers to access farm inputs.

He added that through the system, the ginning companies will be required to buy seed cotton from the primary societies, which are now required to oversee the buying process, including weighing, handling of payments and record keeping.

The system automatically brings contract farming to an end and forces every cotton farmer to join the AMCOSS which exists solely to serve members.

According to the DC, the cotton buying system aims at reducing the existing challenges of the former system, like theft farm-ers’ cotton through fraudulent scales, loss to ginners due to dishonest cotton buying agents, degraded cotton quality and weakened cotton farmers’ unions.

Some members of the primary societies commended the government under President John Magufuli for creating a conducive environment for them to engage in profitable economic activities.

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