New beef brand set to enter local market – Tanzania

New beef brand Tanzania

To improve the quality of service delivery in the local beef industry, the Tanzania Meat Company (TMC), based here, is on the move to introduce a new brand in the market.

Dubbed ‘Tanzania One Beef’, the prospective service with its pilot project set for introduction in Dodoma, Dar es Salaam and Coast regions; and in the country’s major mining sites, will base on packing quality beef in special packs.

“Packages will be processed by special vacuum packing machines and will have a life span of remaining safely in the market for between 10 months and 2 years’, TMC Chief Executive Officer (CO, Mr. Aaron Luziga said.

He added that the packages will be marketed at a friendly price, depending on the weight in kilograms.

“The general mission behind this initiative is to ensure Tanzanians enjoy the quality and healthier beef; he added.

Mr. Luziga expressed that there was a need for a major overhaul of the beef industry within the country, added; “Principally, beef needs to be cooked and eaten at least eight hours after slaughtering of the cow, But unfortunately this is not the case in Tanzania,”

He said the packages will also play a key role in help improve hygiene in the country’s beef in industry.

Mr. Luziga recalled that the country faced an uphill task to advance the beef sector as it is the case in many parts of the continent.

Apart from underscoring the need for improvement of the quality of butcheries in the country, he challenged the Tanzania Foods and Drugs Authority (TFDA) to partner to improve performance and quality of service delivery of the crucial sector.


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