Mtumba residents in Dodoma plead for financial education

Mtumba residents in Dodoma
Dodoma, Tanzania

Mtumba villagers in Dodoma are demanding for financial literacy after experiencing increasing cash flow as a result of land sale currently on high demand.

The villagers say those who had limited awareness have been misusing the money obtained by selling off their lands to individuals, organizations, and companies planning to relocate to the new city.

Anna John, a retired civil servant and Chairperson of the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) in Mtumba, acknowledged that majority of married women have turned into victims of their own assets.

“Men are simply selling off their family land and either disappear or marry another wife. Only a few are investing in building better residential structures,” she said.

According to her, there are efforts from local leaders to create awareness, but unfortunately, the problem is escalating as days go by, calling for intervention from the government and civil educators.

“We’re reaching out to educate them before they sign a sale deal,” she noted.

Nathan Yohana, Mtumba Village Chairman is concerned that there has been massive public misinformation about the exact location of the new government city.

He was angered by those spreading information that the city is located at Ihumwa while in fact, it is in Mtumba.

The Chairman says there have been low-scale land disputes in the area since the government moved in to set up its administration at Mtumba.

“We’re seeing cases involving land extension, but they are not large scale disputes which can call for alarm,” he said, adding that the local leaders are working on methods to educate the residents over the new movement and its opportunities, saying however they will need more support from the government and other stakeholders.

The government acquired over 700 hectares to set up a mega satellite government city. The land includes some portion of farms which were retained by the defense and national service. At least 270 villagers have not been compensated.


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