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Mobile clinic offers hope to Dodoma residents

    Mobile clinic offers hope to Dodoma residents
    Medical services to rural residents

    Last updated: July 25, 2019.

    About 2,900 residents of Dodoma have benefited from mobile health clinic for the past two weeks.

    Dodoma Regional Medical Officer (RMO), Dr. Hamad Nyembea, said here yesterday that the mobile health clinic with a medical team from Dodoma-based public hospitals offered various health services.

    He said the big turnout was a result of affordable costs for medical treatment offered by the mobile health clinic, saying patients paid 30,000/- instead of 17m/- for surgery.

    “Mobile health clinic has registered great achievements in the past two weeks due to a number of medical treatments,” said the Medical Officer in Charge.

    He pointed out that medical checkups and treatments which were offered by the mobile health clinic in the city included kidney complications, dental problems, blood pressure, blood sugar, vision and hearing (audiometer).

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    He said the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) and Community Health Fund (CHF) covered the costs for their beneficiaries, adding that people without insurance cover paid 5,000/- for the services.

    “For those who had to undergo surgeries after diagnosis were required to pay 30,000/- for the service,” said Dr. Nyembea. “Patients with referral letters to Muhimbili National Hospital made use of the opportunity from specialist doctors in our mobile clinic,” said the doctor.

    Mid last year, Dodoma Regional authorities started offering medical services through the mobile clinic to rural residents in Chemba and Kondoa Districts.

    The initiative reached many people in rural and remote areas.

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