Local food supplier in Tanzania strives for high quality

Local food supplier in Tanzania
Anna Toroka, the Managing Director of Anepa food Products Ltd

A local entrepreneur, Anna Toroka, has been among the first Tanzanians to get recognition in Hazard Analysis Control Point (HACCP) as her firm implemented efficient food safety which prevents contamination.

Anna, the Managing Director of Anepa food Products Ltd, told us that their products have a TBS certificate and “lately we got a certificate on Hazard Analysis Control Point as we have implemented efficient food safety system which prevents contamination of food.”

She added: “This means that the food we produce is of high quality and standards, securing the safety of the consumer. Therefore, we at ANEPA are always identifying, evaluating and monitoring food hygiene to control hazards so that our consumers do not get adverse health effect”. Anna further told us that the firm was among the first small and medium entrepreneurs to get this certificate in Tanzania.

“This has made us very proud of what we process,” she quipped.

Anepa Food Products was started in 2002 with the aim of supplementing the family income. It packs honey of stringing bees and that of stingless bees. Also, it makes peanut butter and packs sunflower oil.

“Our main customers are Tanzanians. The products are sold to individuals, neighbors and in different retail and wholesale shops. We pack and take them to shops and supermarkets. We have three workers,” she explained.

Anna is also a member of Tanzania Honey Council as well as a member of Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (TWCC). This helps her to network and get various opportunities, which are provided by those organizations.

The company is owned jointly by Anna and Epaineto Toroka, who are both directors, Anna being the Managing Director.

She is a teacher by profession and holds a masters degree in Education Management. She is trained in entrepreneurship development in food processing and solar drying of fruits and vegetables. She has also participated in the training of trainer’s workshop on food processing and entrepreneurship development skills organized by small Industries Development Organisations (SIDO).

She has also completed a face to face advanced certificate in entrepreneurship and business development at the University of Dar es Salaam’s Business School (UDBS), courses that have expanded her knowledge and skills on managing her business.


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