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Kitenge fashion show to be hosted in Dar es Salaam

Kitenge fashion show Dar es Salaam
Kitenge fashion Show

A Fashion designing company Ally Rehemtullah, which is under prominent designer Ally Rehemtullah, in cooperation with Chinese firm, Hightech Wear and Flygle, is set to host a fashion show that will involve models and designers that will come up with various designs for Kitenge attire.

The show will take place at the Mnazi Mmoja grounds in Dar es Salaam on Saturday. Rehemtullah noted the show gears towards promoting Kitenge attire as well as strengthening cooperation between Tanzania and China’s people on fashion designing.

“This show will bring together almost 40 fashion designers that will showcase various Kitenge designs,” he added. “We have decided to cooperate with the Chinese Company in hosting this show as they are the major suppliers of the Kitenge attire in Tanzania and the rest of the continent.”

He disclosed his firm has joined forces with the company to embark on the initiative in an effort to boost cooperation between fashion industry stakeholders in Tanzania and their counterparts that are outside the country.

“The Ally Rehemtullah Company feels this event will motivate people to embrace Kitenge attire, considering every participant, ranging from tailors to Kitenge manufacturer from China, will speak to the press on Tanzania’s creativity in Kitenge attire designing,” he disclosed. He noted the participants will moreover promote tourist attractions that are found in Tanzania.

Hightech Wear and Flygle Tanzania’s spokesman, Aoron Tian Zhonghua, noted the firm, which has invested in various countries in Africa has opted to do the same in Tanzania.

Zhonghua disclosed they have as well chose to join forces with Rehemtullah to boost the fashion market via Kitenge attire.

Director of Arts Development at the Tanzania Arts Council (BASATA), Vivian Shalua, disclosed; “This show targets to motivate investors to open factories in the country, as well as promoting and valuing Kitenge attire, which will be produced in various designs.”

She noted the show moreover gears towards bringing designers closer to the Kitenge manufacturers from China, as well as giving the latter opportunity to learn more about Tanzania.

Vivian added China fashion industry stakeholders and other guests from various countries will attend the show.

The situation, she disclosed will go a long way in promoting Tanzania at the international level and help the society know the value of Kitenge attire, which is popular in Africa.

Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Harrison Mwakyembe, will be the show’s guest of honour.


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