Invitation Letter for Visa Application – Format and Free Sample

Invitation Letter for Visa Application
Invitation Letter for Visa Application

An invitation letter is a formal letter from someone or an organization abroad that invites you to visit their country for a specific reason which is stated on the letter.

An Invitation can be required when travelling for:

  1. Visiting a friend, family or relatives abroad
  2. Attending a Business meeting or Conference abroad.
  3. Conducting Research or findings aboard.
  4. Religious activities
  5. Sport Competitions
  6. Medical Treatment

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What to Include?

Information to include on Invitation Letter will depend on the purpose of travel, typically includes;

  • Name and Address of the inviting person.
  • Date of the letter.
  • Name and Address of the Embassy or Consulate.
  • Subject of the Letter.
  • Opening Salutation.
  • Status of the inviting person (Citizen or Permanent Resident).
  • Employment status of the inviting person.
  • Contact information of inviting person.
  • Name and passport number of the Applicant(s).
  • Relationship with the inviting person.
  • Purpose of the Travel.
  • Address where the Applicants will be staying.
  • Length of the Stay.
  • Documents Attached.
  • Closing Salutation.
  • Signature of the inviting person.
Sample of Invitation letter:-

This is an example of an Invitation letter from a friend, family or relative who resides abroad.

This sample is useful when applying for a USA Visa, Canadian Visa, Schengen Visa, UK Visa, Australian Visa, South Korean Visa, Japan Visa, Turkish Visa, etc.

Allan Godbless,
116 10th Avenue,
NY 10011,

06th July 2019.

To: US Embassy or Consulate
Dar es Salaam ,Tanzania.

Re: Issuance of visitor’s visa to my best friend.
Dear Sir/Madam,
I, Allan Godbless, work as a CAD Technician for Operation Department at Bohler Engineering; I earn $49,100.05 per year. I would like to invite my best friend, Humphrey Shayo to visit me for vacation. He will be staying with me at 116 10th Avenue for 3 weeks. He expect to arrive on 4th of September 2019 and leave on 23rd of September 2019.

During their stay here, I will bear their travel expenses within the USA, Medical insurance, Housing and food. I will personally make sure that he will leave and return to Tanzania before the expiration of their authorized visas. I have attached my documentation for your record.

I respectfully request that you grant a visitor ‘s visa to my best friend.
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter.

Allan Godbless
Date of birth: December 12, 1989
Address: 116 10th Avenue, NY 10011
Occupation: CAD Technician – Operation Department
Phone: 917-416-1413
Cell: 917 234 2418
Status: Permanent Residence

Visitor Information
Name: Humphrey Shayo
Date of birth: 29th October 1993
Address: House no. 03, Kariakoo ,Ilala CBD.
Occupation: Businessman
Phone: +255716233564
Relationship: Family Friends.
Allan Godbless.

Invitation Letter for Visa Application

Invitation Letter for Visa Application

You can download sample of Invitation letter here in word (docx).


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