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How to apply e-passport Tanzania – Step by step

apply e-passport Tanzania
Tanzanian e-passport

According to Tanzania Immigration Department, ‘passport’ means a document in a booklet form issued to a citizen of the United Republic of Tanzania under this Act for the purpose of facilitating his movement across boundaries subject to laws and regulations of the country of destination or transit.

A biometric or e-passport is a traditional passport that has a microchip that contains a person’s identity details and information as required by all border control authorities.

The Tanzanian government issues different types of e-passports to its citizens, mainly are Ordinary, Service and Diplomatic. This departments falls under Ministry of Home Affairs, Department of Immigration.

E-passport project was launched by the President John Pombe Magufuli on January 31st 2018, from that date the Immigration Department started to issue new electronic passports.

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The current machine-readable passports that are in circulation will still be in use until January 2020.

Documents required when applying e-passport application:-

1) Applicants birth certificate.

2) Birth Certificate or Affidavit of one of the Applicant’s parent.

3) National Identity Card from NIDA.

4) One (1) passport size photos to be uploaded online (Light blue Background).

5) Original and Copy of the Old passport (If you had a passport).

6) Application fee 20,000/- TZS and 130,000/- TZS fee for an Ordinary passport. (Total costs 150,000/- TZS).

7) Proof of residence from local government.

8) The purpose of travelling.

9) Cover letter from your employer (if employed), Documents related to your business such as Business License TIN certificate (If self-employed)

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Guidelines on how to fill the a new online Electronic passport application form;

1) Click Start (Anza) to fill out the form, for New Applicants

2) Click Continue, In case your Application did not reach the end – You will need to fill out your Reference ID and Application Number

3) Fill the required information correctly

4) Keep your Application Number for future use.

5) Fill your previous passport information (If you had a passport).

6) Fill out all other required information of the form including emergency contacts.

7) Attach all required documents (based on instructions).

8) Review all your information and then click to agree if they are correct.

9) Pay 20,000 TZS application fee after receiving Control Number for payment.

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10) Download and print the application form, then submit it to nearby Immigration Department together with all required documents.

Processing time:

Normally processing times varies depends on various factors such as nature of the application and no. of applications received by Immigration departments but normally you can get your passport within 2 weeks after successful application.

NOTE: Applicants MUST appear in person for digital photo and biometrics capture.

You can review the status of your application here, then fill your Application ID and Phone number.

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