How to apply e-passport Tanzania – (Step by step)


    Last updated: June 4, 2020.

    A biometric or e-passport is a traditional passport that has a microchip that contains a person’s identity details and information as required by all border control authorities.

    Tanzania has started to issue new electronic passport ‘e-passport’ to its citizen since January 31st, 2018. 

    The government of Tanzania under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration Department, mainly issues three (3) types of e-passports to its citizens which are Ordinary, Service, and Diplomatic passports.

    apply e-passport Tanzania

    E-passports in Tanzania

    Documents required for Tanzania e-passport application:-

    Documents required for new electronic passport ‘e-passport’ application normally varies depending on your circumstance, an Immigration officer will instruct you on what to submit to support the application. In generally includes;

    1) Applicants’ birth certificate (to be uploaded online).

    2) Birth Certificate or Affidavit of one of the Applicant’s parent.

    3) National Identity Card from NIDA. (All Adults above 18 years old must have a valid Tanzanian National Identity Card which is issued by NIDA)

    4) A passport size photo (to be uploaded online). 

    5) Original and Copies of the Old passport(s) ID page (If you had a passport previously).

    6) Application fee 20,000/- TZS and 130,000/- TZS fee for an ordinary passport. (Total costs 150,000/- TZS).

    7) Proof of residence from local government (to be uploaded online).

    8) The purpose of travel; to apply for Tanzania passport you must have clear travel plans. If you plan to visit a country that visa is required in advance, you will be required to submit invitation letters.

    Read about: Visa-free countries for Tanzanian citizens

    9) Employment Status; Cover letter from your employer (if employed) or Documents related to your business such as Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Registration, Extract from Registrar, Business License, TIN certificate, etc. (If self-employed).

    10) Passport application letter; it is a cover letter that briefly the reason(s) of why you are applying for a new passport.

    Guideline on how to fill out the New Online application form;

    1) Click Start (Anza) to fill out the new application form – for New Applicants

    2) Click Continue, to resume your application form – You will need to fill out your Reference ID and Application Number

    3) Fill the required information correctly

    4) Keep your Application Number safe for future use.

    5) Fill out the information about your previous passport (In case you had a passport).

    6) Fill out all other required information on your application form.

    7) Attach all required documents (based on instructions).

    8) Carefully review all your information, if they are all correct then click to ‘Agree’

    9) You will be required to Pay 20,000 TZS application fee after receiving Control Number for payment (Please make payments on time, control no. will expire and you will be required to start a new application again)

    10) After making payment, you will be able to download and print the passport application form that has been generated online. then you will have to submit it in person at any nearby Immigration Department together with all required documents (based on your circumstances).

    NOTE: Applicants MUST appear in person for digital photo and biometrics capture.

    Processing time for Tanzania e-passport:

    In general, the processing time depends on various factors such as the nature of the application and no. of applications received by Immigration departments but normally your passport can be issued within 2 weeks after successful application.

    You can review the status of your passport application here, You will be required to fill out your Application ID and Phone number.

    Any further information or assistance, please contact an Immigration department via email: [email protected]

    How to apply e-passport Tanzania

    Tanzania e-passport

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