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Government pledges support to MUHAS

    Government pledges support to MUHAS
    Prof Joyce Ndalichako

    Last updated: July 25th, 2019.

    The Government has pledged to continue supporting Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Science (MUHAS) in researches that aim at improving the health sector in the country.

    The remarks were made in Dar es Salaam yesterday by Minister for Education, Science, and Technology, Prof Joyce Ndalichako, during the launch of the sixth MUHAS Scientific Conference 2018.

    She said the scientists’ research on improving health sector in the country will help to reduce the costs that the country incurs in transferring patients for medical treatments abroad. Professor Ndalichako said the money will instead be spent on improving health infrastructure at MNH and other hospitals across the country.

    “The country has been spending millions of shillings in transferring patients abroad for medical treatments. With successful research, I’m sure the government will be able to reduce costs and our people will be healthy,” she said.

    She said without having the best health care, it’s difficult for the country to attain economic development, as it will have weak human resources who fail to serve the nation.

    The two-day conference brought together 400 participants, mainly researchers, medical practitioners and other domestic and international health professionals from Rwanda, the United Kingdom, Japan, Turkey, Italy and the US. Speaking at the conference, a member of the event organizing a committee, Prof Twalib Ngoma said that at least 164 scientific research topics will be presented in the field of reproductive health, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and infectious diseases.

    He said the major challenge in combating diseases especially NCDs, is the patients’ delay to go to the hospital for medical treatment, adding that during the conference, the participants will disseminate some crucial information related to recent evidence-based research findings and their impacts on the country’s social and economic growth.

    “The aim is to ensure that the evidence-based research findings are incorporated in national health policy with a view to addressing the common challenges facing the health sector,” he said.

    This year’s conference is under the theme “Promoting Industrialization through Health Research in Low-Income Countries.”

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