EWURA sets up five zones

EWURA sets up five zones

The Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) has established five special zones to move its services closer to its stakeholders and eliminate the need to travel to headquarters.

Instead, stakeholders hey will now get the services in Dodoma following the government’s decision to shift its capital to Dodoma.

Speaking in his office in Dodoma, the authority’s Communications and Public Relations Officer, Titus Kaguo, said in recognition of the need to move its services closer to stakeholders, they have decided to open five operational in the Lake Zone at Mwanza, Northern Zone in Arusha, Central Zone in Dodoma, Eastern Zone in Dar es Salaam and the Southern Zone in Mbeya.

The aim is to solve the challenges facing the public. Kaguo said that all the grievances facing the public will be resolved in those five zones. The authority has shifted its headquarters from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma.

People can get services easily, including firms that are dealing with oil, gas and water.

He added that in reviewing the electricity tariffs, EWURA has been abiding by the Energy Policy, Electricity Law of 2008 and tariff application guidelines. In setting prices, he said, EWURA considers the amount of electricity to be used per year and the prudent costs of making sure that power reaches customers.

The authority reviews prices of electricity after every three years. Meanwhile, the Director of GP88 Company, Emmanuel Kesi, has said that following the government’s decision to shift its capital to Dodoma, they have decided to bring services nearer to the people by providing petrol and diesel services to Dodoma residents.

Speaking at the launch of a petrol station near the road leading to the University of Dodoma, he said that the move is aimed to provide better services to the people in all the country’s corners.

‘’We will also follow all laid down procedures, including having electronic fiscal devices (EFDs) to ensure tax compliance.


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