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Dodoma youths acquire skills

Dodoma youths acquire skills
Tanzania Entrepreneurship and Competitive Centre (TECC)

About 150 youths here have received entrepreneurship skills offered by the Tanzania Entrepreneurship and Competitive Centre (TECC) under the auspices of US-based Mastercard Foundation.

Programme Coordinator of TECC, Mr. Godwin Lemunga, pointed out here over the weekend that the goal of the programme was to enable young people to engage in income-generating activities.

He said the programme was carried out in four regions namely, Dodoma, Mtwara, Dar es Salaam and Coast, saying the goal of the project was to enable in self-employment.

“The ten-day training on entrepreneurship skills focusses on how to run businesses, keep records and addressing the challenges that afflict businesses,” said the TECC Programme Coordinator.

The training workshop, which was organized jointly by TECC and the Smal Industries Development Organization (SIDO), brought together youngsters aged between 18 and 24 from different parts of Dodoma City.

Mr. Lemunga said the young people will be provided with a mentor after completion of the training. He added that the mentor, who is an experienced businessman, would help the young entrepreneurs on how to improve business.

He said the project which kicked off in 2016 had benefited some 90 young people in phase I and II, A total of 182 youths had applied for the training.


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