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Bugando Medical Centre to receive 13 medics from Cuba Ambassador

    Bugando Medical Centre
    Cuban Ambassador to Tanzania, Prof Lucas Domingo Hernandez Polledo,

    Last updated: July 25th, 2019.

    Cuba has promised to maintain bilateral cooperation with Tanzania, besides agreeing to deploy 13 medical experts for specialized services at the Bugando Medical Centre (BMC).

    Speaking to reporters here over the weekend, the Cuban Ambassador to Tanzania, Prof Lucas Domingo Hernandez Polledo, said the two countries have enjoyed strong bilateral ties in history traced back to the founding fathers Julius Nyerere and Fidel Castro.

    “Cuba is pleased to regain stable cooperation with Tanzania and the current spirit reminds us of the era of the two founding fathers and historical friends, Mwalimu Nyerere and Comrade Castro.

    Our renewed relationship would be strengthened in almost all beneficial sectors,” he pointed out.

    He said the historical relations between his country and Tanzania have been further cemented by the recent decision by President John Magufuli, when he opened an embassy in Havana, adding that surely the gesture will further improve diplomatic and economic relations between us.

    The Ambassador who was here for a number of official activities, among others, paid a visit to the BMC where the institution will soon receive about 13 Doctors and Nurses from Cuba to beef up specialized medical services as areas with an acute shortage of local experts.

    According to Ambassador Polledo, Cuba has recorded impressive milestones in a number of sectors particularly health and education, which it has been heavily investing since its independence.

    He said Cuba with around 11 million people has over 90,000 doctors, where one serves about 3,000 people surpassing the ratio set by the World Health Organisation (WHO) of one to cater for 8,000 patients. However, Tanzania has one doctor serving around 20,000 people.

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