RAS warned officials who act as obstacles to business growth and development

obstacles to business growth and development
Kagera Regional Administrative Secretary, Prof Faustin Kamuzora

Last updated: July 25, 2019.

The Kagera Regional Administrative Secretary, Prof Faustin Kamuzora, has warned government officials who act as obstacles to business growth and development along the regional borders with Uganda, saying cross-border businesses have proved worthwhile to the economy of many countries.

Prof Kamuzora, who was recently appointed to the post, said this in an inspection tour of development activities especially in the districts bordering Uganda, calling on the citizens in those areas to embrace business opportunities available in their areas.

“Border between a country and another is an opportunity to people living in the area. People should use border areas to do business and improve their standards of living provided that they satisfy all the legal requirements.

Our role as government is to make sure that these people are benefiting. We should not be an obstacle,” he said. Prof Kamuzora toured Kabindi, Kashenye, Mutukula and Bugango border areas with Uganda in Misenyi District as well as Murongo in Kyerwa District.

He met residents and government officials to discuss ways of improving their environment to fully benefit from available opportunities.

The tour comes at a time when the Kagera Regional authority has termed 2019 as a year of boosting revenue collection from both big and small businessmen as well as ensuring that they are benefiting from their businesses.

“The government must understand challenges being faced by business people and find solutions to ensure that citizens are benefiting from opportunities available in their area and are paying tax,” he said.

Misenyi fishermen told Prof Kamuzora that they were facing a market problem despite the presence of a big one and offering good prices in neighboring Uganda; only that they were not allowed access to it.

Prof Kamuzora assured the fishermen of government assistance to access the Uganda market in case the local market is satisfied and good deals are obtainable.

He urged all government department workers at Mutukula not to act as an obstacle but rather as facilitators to people doing business along the border.

“In other countries, people living along the border are rich because they are given opportunities to interact and do business provided that they follow all the laws. We should show them the way instead,” he said.

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