CBE plans to boost business education

    CBE plans business education
    College of Business Education, Dar es Salaam Campus

    Last updated: July 17, 2019.

    The College of Business Education (CBE) is determined to continue improving the quality of business education in every level, from certificate up to Ph.D. to support the Fifth Phase government’s industrial economy aspiration.

    This was said by the Rector of the College, Professor Emmanuel Mjema, in an exclusive interview with a local newspaper in Dar es Salaam last week.

    “This college has been producing experts who are working in financial institutions and in community development. I encourage more Tanzanians to join this college so as to acquire knowledge and skills, which will enable them to employ themselves and contribute meaningfully to the national economy,” said Prof. Mjema.

    He advised the youth who have completed Form Four and Form Six to make use f the opportunity and join the college so as to get business skills that will enable them to get employment or venture into self-employment.

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    “Students should concentrate in their studies to enable them to perform well and be able to get employment, hence increasing their income and improve their livelihoods,” the Rector said.

    For this part, the college’s Deputy Rector, who is dealing with academic affairs, Dr. Emmanuel Munishi, said that students who completed their studies in colleges in the country are supposed to have confidence during job interviews by preparing themselves well.

    He urged students prepare well for the interview, which is normally done in english language, adding that they should do it well to compete with students from other countries.

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