Magufuli wants security in Arusha Strengthened
President Magufuli

The government said it will not tolerate acts of insecurity in Arusha, the country’s tourist hub.

President John Magufuli (pictured) said while directing security organs to deal firmly with potential trouble makers like the ones who only a few years ago caused mayhem in the City.

Hes said after inauguration a tourism and diplomatic police station and related functions that Arusha should be left to reclaim its glorious past not only in tranquility but also in attracting investments.

“We need investors but they will come only if assured of tranquility”, he told the mammoth crowd at the Sheikh Amri Abeid Memorial Stadium.

He admitted that the City’s reputation was tainted after some grenade attacks and said although the security organs had acted swiftly to contain the situation, they should keep on alert.

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He added that the government would act hard against politically-instigated troubles which at one time rocked the toen, which is an opposition stronghold, in equal measure.

Arusha is also the headquarters of East African Community (EAC) and allied institutions as well as the seat of dozens of other regional and international, organizations.

Meanwhile, the Inspector of police Simon Sirro said at least 428 police officers have been sacked between 2015 and 2018.

According to him, the decision was reached as part of the police force to instill discipline to all officers for better service.


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