Dar es Salaam supports flood victims

A Company based in Dar es Salaam, ASA Microfinance Company has donated various foodstuffs to flood victims in Mwananyamala Ward – Kinondoni Municipality.

Without revealing the expenses, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Muhammad Shah said that, no matter whether beneficiaries are ASA clients or not, the company was well concerned with any flood victim.

“Humanity matters everywhere and for everyone, though it is a fact that some victims are our clients who have been benefiting from small loans, mostly entrepreneurs.

We requested the ward leadership to help us recognize the most affected ones. Foods are here at the Ward office wherein victims do pick the items using special cards,” said the CEO.

According to him, the Ward leadership noticed that most affected group were women and children who regularly showed up at the office; seeking assistance, including food and temporary residences. Ward Executive Officer, Mr. Emilia Kasweswe Mwananyamala commented that unplanned residential constructions were among the reasons behind the problem.

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He therefore, urged relevant authorities setting permanent measures in the name of avoiding repetition of the problem which leads to deaths and other flood negatives, including infrastructures and other properties’ destructions.

Mr. Kasweswe called upon other Samaritans to save the victims in these on-going rains while the government looking for a permanent solution.

In another development, Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Mr. Paul Makonda directed all District Administrative Secretaries (DAS’s) to form special committees which have to come up with longlasting flooding solution.

Makonda recommended that one of the solutions is seeking affordable land pieces and let the regional government embark on residential constructions for those who will be proven to be needy.

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