Accident reporting device invented
CoICT, University of Dar es Salaam
A fourth-year student at University of Dar es Salaam, College of Information and Communication Technology (CoICT), Ms. Hamida Amri, has innovated a special device that helps to relay information when motor vehicles get involved in accidents.

The device helps to locate the scene of an accident and send information to all telephone numbers stored in it. Ms. Hamida Amri explained this during ongoing research exhibition week at CoICT.

She said that she decided to come up with the idea and later innovation of the device after observing poor strategies that are being applied in rescuing victims of accidents in the country.

“It has been challenging when accidents happen in remote areas where there are no people to offer immediate help. This device helps to give information on the matter”. she said.

Ms. Amri insisted that it is an automatic device that needs no operator, meaning that even when an accident victim is unconscious, the device will immediately send information.

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The device, which is to be launched soon, has already been involved in various pilot studies and has demonstrated great performance, according to Ms. Amri.

CoICT Principal, Dr. Mussa Kissaka, commented that the University is geared to change Tanzania through technological innovations. He said the university develops and offers support to various people’s ideas, including those emanating from those outside the university.


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